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Completed projects

Изпълнени проекти

PHARE, Procedure 01 SME “Consulting Services for Small and Medium Enterprises and Technological Grant Scheme” – Approval only for consultancy services.

PHARE, Competitiveness I Phase Program – Project 016-711.11.04 / ESC / G / GSC-1; Project BG2004.016-711.11.04/ESC/G/GSC-1 “Raising the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Enterprises”, Grant Scheme “Competitiveness”; “Increasing the competitiveness of KRES-D Ltd by modernizing the used technologies and improving the quality of the production” – Purchased Lathe CNC Lathe – Mazak QTN200-IIM.

OP “Technological modernization in small and medium enterprises”, project BG161PO003-2.1.06. Contract BG161PO003-2.1.06-0315-0001; 2TCM-02-109 / 18.02.2011 – name of the project “Increasing the production potential of KRES-D Ltd through renovation of the technological base and introduction of new technologies”.
Output: Purchased and released:

CNC lathe for large-dimensional details

Sandblasting chamber

Painting chamber

Implementation of a project under OP “Technological modernization in small and medium enterprises”, project BG161PO003-2.1.13. Contract BG161PO003-2.1.13-0505-S001 – name of the project “Improving the efficiency and competitiveness of KRES-D Ltd through the introduction of innovative technologies”

5-axis milling center Mazak Variaxis j-500

Welding machine for Mecome feeders

Welding machine for Mecome bottoms